About Kobico


kobico is a papertoy brand created by me, Christopher Kho and a name to refer to my papertoy collections designed by me myself. kobico collection mostly covered fanart/tribute to famous artworks, animation, comic books, console games, movies or even original characters, which also designed by me.

It was all started when I stumbled upon a this blog, Paperkraft.net which regularly posts papertoy design around the web. I rediscovered my love for this paper-folding activity I used to have when I was a little. However, it was not until I discovered BoxPunx, a collection of papertoy designed by Jason Harlan or more commonly known as Harlancore in the paper-folding community. His designs greatly inspired me to do the same thing as him; which is to create beautiful things out of an A4 paper to make people happy.

After a few amateurish customization of BoxPunx blank templates, I started to design my own templates and named it kobico, derived from the word “cube” & my last name “kho”; which also an abbreviation of 3 earlier kobico mascots. The very first kobico collection to be made is based on a Japanese anime/manga/game One Piece created by Eichiiro Oda. From there, the collection of kobico expanded into series which not only based on fanarts/tributes to famous commercial series, but also an original collection.


4 thoughts on “About Kobico

  1. Hello, Mr.Kho I’m discover your papertoy recently, and become fan of it.
    Do you mind if I use your design and modify to another Character?
    Oh, and of course I didn’t sell or take any benefit from it, just gonna share with some friend
    if you give your permission. Looking forward for your reply ^^


  2. Oh, thank you >v<
    I'm trying modify your design papertoy to Idol group called TVXQ, not sure you're knowing them or not? But I'll sent you a link when I'm done, hope you can give some advice/comment ^^
    btw, here the basis vcr about them I'm gonna modified


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