daily thoughts 14.05.08

I’ve been looking for a nice time to sit down and get to make my 6th series. I have relocated to a neighbourhood where there are no printshops nearby, so excuse the delay. Otherwise, I might have to rely to my 3D skills to ‘glue and fold’ my 6th series x_x which I don’t want to.

But anywaaayyyy, let’s hope I can have it posted at least by the end of the week. In the meantime,… a bit late, but I just discovered series #3 photoshoot that just really cute, by the-tales from deviantArt. Take a look! 😀

Squall and Rinoa – Kobico by the-tales on deviantART

Check the rest of his gallery to see the rest of his Kobico photoshoot! 😀


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