Series #03 – Eternal Illusion

The Thirteenth Day

This series take on my love for the classic videogame who needs no introduction.
If you considered yourself as a gamer yet you have no idea about the existence of the masterpiece Final Fantasy, then you are missing a lot. Their stories and their gameplay is always amazing, engaging, and will always left you excited for the next series! I think it’s about time I release a tribute to my most beloved console games ever created.
I’m not planning to do the whole series but I tried to make as much as possible.

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Click below to download your warriors!

s3_01 s3_02 s3_03
s3_04 s3_05 s3_06
s3_07 s3_08 s3_09
s3_10 s3_11 s3_12
s3_13 s3_14 s3_15




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