The Revival of Kobico

Yes! It’s true!

3 years ago, I decided to close the book of Kobico. As many of you might asked, I’ve been very disappointed on how some cruel people has been reselling my artwork that I shared for free to the community of papercrafters for their own financial benefits. Some did as far as removing my logo, link-back URL, and completely owning the papercraft as their own within their stores. What hurts the most, I found some of these people come from my own country (Indonesia & China).

I lost the love and the joy of creating arts and sharing them to people due to these people. I finally decided to call it a quit.

My activities post-Kobico was diving into the art of 3D animation and games. Mostly, the development-end of the industry. Even though Kobico died, my love for character design didn’t and live on through my 3D arts. You can check them out here~

Beside of having a personal portfolio blog for my 3D characters, I still post this on major social networks. One of them, is deviantArt. In which, I received Notes (private messages, for those unfamiliar with dA terms) from people who loves Kobico and bumped into my page. It is also from them that I discovered that apparently, my webhost that was hosting Kobico has died and apparently closed their service. They tried to contact me through deviantArt to ask for the papertoy files, and every week there’s always someone who ask the same.

After 3 years of manually handing out people the files, I decided perhaps it’s time to start things over. Thanks to my curiosity of googling kobico, I discovered some people have made a very great use of my good ol’ blank template, koburanco. Customized into their own favorite Anime, games, and pop culture that I’m not exposed to; it really brings me joy and reawaken the happiness I once felt 3 years ago.

With that said, I decided to reopen kobico site once again 🙂

I’m going to start with re-uploading some of the old toys that people are looking for, as well as uploading future collections that didn’t get to be posted back then.

Along the way, I also want to collect people’s photography of their kobico as well as their customized kobico. Sharing is caring, right?

Final words, I hope you guys enjoy the site, the toys, and will wait until everything is processed. I’m still new to WordPress so, some stuffs might get sloppy -please let me know 🙂
Also, spread the word to your friends who have been looking all around the net for kobico. Don’t let ’em buy free templates from greedy shops! 😀


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